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This is from an anime called Given. This song really resonated with me, and I wanted to create something with it, so I created this using WYSYWYG and HOG 4PC.

Dance 2020: Sir·kus

I was the one of the assistant designers/ programmers for this show. We used a Hedgehog 4 on this show which was a learning experience as we are trained on HOG but had never used it in a show.

Photos by Suzanna Mars

(, Mason Schmidt, and TFBedell


I was the spot designer for Pippin at the University of Florida. We used ground controlled Robe BMFLs. The ground control led to its own set of unique problems that we as a team were able to overcome the challenges for a pretty smooth run.

Photos by Suzanna Mars


BFA Dance 2019
Photos by Amy Varnedoe (@amynicole_photography_)

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Holly's Monologue

Holly's Monologue

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The Pantomime

The Pantomime

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The Longview

This is the first show I directed. I was always either in the booth or fixing something onstage or backstage, so I never got any good pictures. I did try to get some videos though.

The script is mainly a collection of monologues and small scenes, so I tried to make it more interesting by incorporating tableaus, pantomime, and dance. 

These are some of my favorite scenes, blocking and lighting wise. 

Hairspray Jr. 

Fun Fact: These pictures were taken on a phone of a computer screen playing a really bad recording of the show, so apologies for that.

In spite of that this was one of my favorite shows to design. My favorite part to design was Nicest Kids in Town because I made each of our 16 LED pars a different color and chaged them throughout the song. It ended up looking really cool and it's something I'm really proud of. 

Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr.

This was another one where I played with color symbolism. The reds and blues were used to show the "modernism"in the 20s, while the pinks were for the "love" aspect. 

Probably my favorite feature in this show was the star-pars on the buildings in the background. I feel like they added a nice touch to the whole show.

Photos by Samantha Pudlin
Aladdin Jr.

This was my first show where I had free reign. I had my own hang up specifically for this show and while it was only a summer camp show, I really like the way it looks.

I tried to focus on character/ color coordination throughout the show to keep an almost storybook-like feel.

Photos by Tyler Omundsun
Macbeth (Freak Show)

This was another show that I was not allowed to do my own hangup for. I had to work with what my school has (and our board from '87) and I am pretty proud of how the show turned out!

Photos by Karly Plata
Inspector Fidget

This was the last summer camp show of the 2016 season. For this show I had to work around the hang up that was already in place for a show the same weekend. I still really like how some of the scenes came out.

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